How to Do the Ronaldo Chop | Soccer 101 by MOJO

How to Do the Ronaldo Chop | Soccer 101 by MOJO

OK, so you may not have talent or hair like Cristiano Ronaldo, but you can use his signature move. In this episode of Soccer 101: how to do the Ronaldo Chop.

Whether you’re playing Champions League or rec league, the Ronaldo Chop is a sly and incredibly effective way to change direction or fake out an opponent while running at top speed.

It starts with a bit of a hop with your plant foot. Then it’s a chop of the outside of the ball with your dribbling foot, in the opposite direction. The idea is to slice the ball slightly backward and to the side, and then cut away from the defender. So chop to it and channel your inner Ronaldo – abs not included.


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