Football – The Roll

Football – The Roll

Skill Performed by Sean McVeigh
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Key Coaching Points:(For a Roll off the right shoulder)

* Watch your opponent to anticipate where to plant your foot

* Change the ball to the outside arm before engagement i.e. if rolling off your right shoulder change the ball to your left arm
* As you roll change the ball to the outside arm i.e. to your right arm
* Use your inside arm to ward off the tackle (Break The Tackle)
* Use a low bounce (conditions permitted) as you move away from defender

* Use a solo as you approach your opponent and a low bounce as you break the tackle
* As you engage the defender plant your right foot towards the defenders front foot and roll off his left shoulder
* Use his/her shoulder as a hinge to roll off
* Swing your left leg around by pivoting on your right foot and place it behind the defender to screen off the defender
* Bring your right leg around and drive off hard

Common Mistakes:
* Using a bounce going into the tackle. This means you will have to use a solo coming out off the tackle which is much easier for the defender to dispossess
* Planting the wrong foot
* Not protecting the ball pre and post engagement i.e. keeping the ball in the B.A.D. position (Ball, Attacker, Defender) at all times