Shuffle Behind Turn 180° – Fast Footwork Drills – Soccer (Football) First Touch Training for U8-U9

Shuffle Behind Turn 180° – Fast Footwork Drills – Soccer (Football) First Touch Training for U8-U9

Fast footwork drills are a mix of dynamic ball mastery drills and static ball control drills (Coerver) which are executed fast and agile.
Light-footed players with a good ball coordination and technique are able to make the action to slice open the defence.
Incorporate these exercises in your soccer (football) training to gain first touch skills very fast.
Fast feet agility training requires a good cooperation between the central nervous system and the motor units in the muscles.

All you need for this soccer practice is a square meter on the lawn. You can train them even on the carpet in the living room.

Soccer coaches should incorporate these drills in their soccer training or warm-up time before a soccer game.


When starting with the right foot:
(Switch left and right below when starting with the left foot)

1. Shuffle 2 times. (starting with the right foot)
2. On the third count, kick the ball with the inside of the right foot.
3. At the same time, bring the left foot forward to allow the ball to pass behind the left foot.
4. Turn to the left.
5. Cut the ball with the right foot which counts as the first count of the next shuffle.
6. Step 1-5 is the same for the other direction.

Things to watch out for:

a. Try to stay on an imaginary line without moving forward or backward too much.
b. The third shuffle (the kick) should be a little harder as it should pass the foot to turn on.
c. The kick should have the right speed in order to not have to wait for the ball after the turn, or to have to overreach for the ball.
d. Keep the same rhythm at all times.
e. Focus on technique first, then crank the speed up.

Lars Schelfhout is born in February 2006 and lives in Belgium.
He started his football career rather late as a U9.

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