How To Do Mbappé Skills in Football – Step Over Tutorial

How To Do Mbappé Skills in Football – Step Over Tutorial

In this Mbappé skill tutorial you will learn all technical details about the step-over / scissor skill. We will show you step by step how you can master the step-over and we also show you an awesome variant: roll / step-over / step.

We cover the basic technique of the step-ver and show you exactly how you can improve your step-over skills. It starts with the rotation of your left leg around the ball to lure your opponent in one direction and take a feint step in the same direction. As soon as the defender steps in, you quickly take an outside touch with your right foot in the opposite direction. You have to accelerate fast to keep the head start.

In addition we also cover all details about the roll / step-over / step variant which Mbappé used to score for the national team. The skill starts with a frontal (1v1) approach towards the defender. As the defender is close enough, Mbappe rolls (1) the ball slightly to the left side with the sole of his foot. As soon as Mbappe’s right foot touches the ground he quickly does a stepover (2) with his right foot, followed by a strong feint step (3) with his left foot.

In the final part of this step-over tutorial we cover 3 examples of how you can train this skill at home.
Start practicing without any resistance.
Practice with some cones that represent an opponent
Practice with friends in real 1v1’s

Enjoy the video and have fun practicing the Mbappé Step-Over Skill!

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