FIFA 22 ALL 120 SKILLS TUTORIAL | Xbox & Playstation

FIFA 22 ALL 120 SKILLS TUTORIAL | Xbox & Playstation

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The Controls in this video support NEXT GEN & OLD GEN. That means it will work on PS5, PS4 ,XBOX one ,XBOX ONE X ,XBOX SERIES S/S || ||
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FIFA 22 Skills Tutorial by TFVGaming
This video explains each and every skill move in the game with its detailed controls and controller animation.

Skills in this video:
Fake Left Go Right /Fake Right Go Left
Drag Back
Body Feint Right / Left
Knee Juggling
Open Up Fake Shot
Running Flick Up
Setup Touch
Strafe Dribbling
Ball Juggle (standing)
Stepover Right / Left
Ball Roll Left / Right
Cruyff Turn
Flick Back
Heel Flick
Roulette Right / Left
Ronaldo Chop
Lateral Heel to Heel
Feint and Exit
Fake Pass
Reverse Stepover Left / Right
Ball Hop
Heel to Heel Flick
Simple Rainbow
Advanced Rainbow
Neymar Rainbow Flick
Feint Left Exit Right / Feint Right Exit Left
Spin Left / Right
Stop and Turn Left / Right (Berbatov Spin)
Ball Roll Cut Right / Left (standing)
Double Touch Spin Left / Right (standing)
Scoop Turn (standing)
Fake Pass (standing)
Ball Roll Chop Right / Left
Neymar Ball Roll (standing)
V Drag Move (standing)
La Croqueta
Three Touch Roulette
New Flick Up
Flair Roulette
Drag to Drag
Heel Chop Turn
Reverse Elastico
Quick Ball Rolls
Heel Flick Turn
Hocus Pocus
Triple Elastico
Ball Roll Flick Left / Right
Sombrero Flick
McGeady Spin
Ball Roll Fake Left / Right
Double Touch Exit Right / Left
Fake Rabona
Elastico Chop Left / Right
Alternative Elastico Chop
Okocha Sombrero Flick
Laces Flick Up
Flick Up Advanced
Sombrero Flick Backwards
Sombrero Flick Left / Right
Around The World
In Air Elastico
Reverse In Air Elastico
Flick Up For Volley
Chest Flick
Reverse Toe Bounce Right / Left
Double Around the World
T. Around the World Hold LS down RS clockwise
Hop the World
Juggling Rainbow
Waka Waka Left / Right
Double Touch Exit Left / Right
Reverse Stepover Right / Left
Bolasie Flick Left / Right
Fancy Drag Back
Drag Back Fake Left / Right (standing)
Tornado Left / Right
Ball Roll Sombrero Flick Left / Right
Drag Back Sombrero Flick NEW
Fake Shot
Fancy Shot
First Touch Spin Left / Right
First Touch Fake
Standing Sombrero Flick
Sombrero Flick
Fancy Ground Passes
Fancy Aerial Passes

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